How to refer to Specialized Infusion Therapy at RCCA.

After determining a treatment plan that includes infusion therapy, you and your patient must select a capable provider of the therapy itself. Once you make the collaborative decision to go with Specialized Infusion Therapy’s capability and experience, at one of their RCCA locations, we request that you send us a referral form. Download the appropriate referral form by selecting from this list:

After we receive the referral, our caring, helpful staff will request all necessary information from you or the patient and complete all the steps required to have your patient treated as efficiently and comfortably as possible. If we have any questions, we’ll ask you. We verify patients’ insurance, call patients directly to set up their therapy sessions’ schedule, and get them in and started on treatment as soon as possible.

For more information, or to refer a patient, call 732-390-7750.