Get infusion therapy for asthma in comfort in NJ.

Asthma is a serious medical condition marked by spasms in the lungs’ bronchi and inflammation of the airway that cause breathing difficulty. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that more than 26 million Americans are affected by asthma, including more than 6 million children. Each year, asthma is responsible for more than 10 million visits to the doctor…and for more than 3,000 deaths.

Asthma’s symptoms, which can be both life-altering and life-threatening, include:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Avoidance of physical exertion
  • Cold-like symptoms that last for weeks

Get the specialized, individualized care and treatment you need.

Treatment for asthma, including infusion therapy, is focused on controlling the inflammation that restricts the passage of air. Most asthma is related to allergic response. Allergists and pulmonologists are the specialist physicians trained to diagnose and treat your asthma. Specialized diagnosis is vitally important to ensure you get treatment that’s appropriate and effective for you.

Based on testing and a careful diagnosis, your allergist or pulmonologist will develop a custom treatment plan for you, and perhaps already has. If infusion therapy is part of that treatment plan, Astera Infusion Therapy provides the experienced, fully capable and convenient care you and your doctor depend on.

Comprehensive capabilities backed by caring, experienced infusion professionals.

Once your doctor refers you to Astera Infusion Therapy, for your infusion therapy, we take the reins, verifying your insurance authorization and calling you to set up your therapy schedule. As experienced, compassionate infusion professionals committed to excellence, we have every infusion drug that your allergist (or other doctor) may prescribe for you, including:

  • Cinqair – For adults with severe, poorly controlled asthma and high eosinophil levels, Cinqair can be used with other treatments to reduce eosinophil cells. Cinqair has been shown to prevent asthma attacks and help people breathe better. It may also help reduce asthma symptoms.
  • Fasenra – Fasenra, like Cinqair, is designed to work with the body to help remove eosinophils. While the mechanism of how Fasenra acts against asthma isn’t fully understood, studies have shown that adding it to standard asthma treatments worked better than standard treatments alone.
  • Nucala – Also an add-on treatment, Nucala is prescribed for people 12 and older who have severe eosinophilic asthma (as well as for those with other eosinophilic-related conditions). Nucala, again by a mechanism not fully understood, helps reduce airway inflammation by reducing the number of eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) in your blood.
  • Xolair – The only “biologic” FDA-approved to treat allergic asthma, Xolair aims to capture most of the IgE, a substance the body produces in response to allergens. IgE can attach to the allergen and to the surface of inflammatory cells, which creates substances that may cause airway inflammation. Xolair blocks IgE’s role in the steps leading to your allergic asthma response.

Caring people catering to your comfort.

When you come to Astera Infusion Therapy, for your infusion therapy for asthma, you’ll get the care you need. What’s more, you’ll be receiving it from caring people who have the knowledge and experience you can trust…and on whom many doctors have depended. You’ll receive your infusion therapy in a comfy recliner in a relaxing, welcoming environment, delivered by a trained infusion nurse. You’ll also have access to cable television, free Wi-Fi complementary beverages and snacks, and more.

For more information about infusion therapy for MS, call 732-390-7750 or contact us using our easy online form. Or speak with your doctor about a referral to Astera Infusion Therapy.