About Specialized Infusion Therapy at RCCA in Central New Jersey.

Specialized Infusion Therapy, part of Regional Cancer Care Associates-Central Jersey Division, is a private infusion therapy provider with five locations throughout Central New Jersey. Born from the provision of infusion therapies for cancer for many years, Specialized Infusion Therapy at RCCA was founded to bring highly professional, experienced and comfort-minded infusion therapy to all who need it.

Regardless of the condition or medical specialty, Specialized Infusion Therapy at RCCA offers highly capable care to deliver infusion therapy. We work closely with your doctor, follow all protocols and guidelines, and adhere to the highest standards. As such, we pursue excellence in all things to ensure your treatment is delivered per your treatment plan.

The experience, infrastructure and focus you and your doctor can trust.

At Specialized Infusion Therapy at RCCA, we’re seasoned in all aspects of infusion care, including the all-important task of working with insurance carriers, pharmaceutical assistance programs and co-pay assistance foundations on your behalf. Also, because we focus on all types of infusion, we have broad experience.

Convenient, close to home, and designed for your comfort and safety.

With five Central NJ infusion centers, we offer the convenience you want. You choose which Specialized Infusion facility is most convenient to you in order to minimize the travel and overall burden of repeated care at a facility too far away.

At the same time, we offer a uniquely comfortable, relaxing and social environment, with reclining chairs, free Wi-Fi, television, snacks and beverages and other amenities. And all care is delivered by highly trained infusion nurses who know your therapy protocol, know what to watch for, and know what to do to keep you comfortable and safe. Our clinicians are always available to assist in the event of an unforeseen medical need. In fact, a nurse practitioner will also be a regular part of your care here, evaluating you carefully prior to treatment to monitor and protect your health.

For experienced infusion care, get started by asking your physician to refer you to Specialized Infusion Therapy at RCCA. For more information, call 732-390-7750 or contact us using our easy online form.